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Buying a home is an exciting time!

You focus on finding the home you love, and I’ll make sure all these steps are completed. Your peace of mind is my priority.

As a real estate agent, my role is to guide you through the home buying process and ensure that you have a positive experience. This includes:

  • Helping you understand the current real estate market

  • Identifying properties that meet your criteria

  • Scheduling and attending property showings

  • Submitting offers on your behalf.


navigate the closing process

Once your offer is accepted, I’ll work with you to coordinate inspections, appraisals, and any necessary repairs or negotiations. Finally, I’ll help you navigate the closing process, making sure that all paperwork is in order and that you have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of the sale.

Throughout the entire process, my goal is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to make informed decisions and feel confident in your home-buying journey.

A Diagram of the Buying Process

Step #1: Strengthen Your Buying Power

Know your numbers!
  • Improve your credit score to get the best interest rate.
  • Reduce debts & refrain from major purchases
  • Review taxes & income to maximize buying potential
  • Discuss gift fund plans with your real estate agents and loan officer

Step #2: Get Pre-Approved

  • Provides a complete measure of the home you can afford.
  • Positions you to make a quick & serious offer when the time is right.
  • Gives a seller confidence that accepting your offer will result in a successful closing.
  • Provides you with a strong foundation for your home search.

Step #3: Partner with Erica Kohler

  • Local market expert
  • Professional negotiator
  • Excellent reputation with other real estate agents
  • Contract knowledge
  • Preferred partner network
  • I facilitate the entire process, step- by-step attention to details.
  • I'm your continual contact
    throughout the entire process.

Step #4: Begin Your Home Search

I will create a customized search for you.
  • Searches updated daily.
  • Timely updates of new and upcoming listings
  • Knowledge of pre-market homes gives my clients an advantage.
  • Expert in community and neighborhood features to help guide your search to the perfect home.

Step #5: Tour Homes and Attend Open Houses

Step #6: Get Ready, Get Set...

  • Begin to ready your current home. to put on the market.
  • If you rent, be prepared to break your lease, or move to a month-to-month agreement if able.
  • Make sure to allow enough time so you're not cornered into making an uncomfortable buying decision!

Step #7: Communicate with Your Loan Officer:

  • Most mortgage pre-approvals are good for 60 to 90 days.
  • Continue to monitor your finances
  • Discuss any potential changes/purchases with your loan officer prior to taking action.
  • Refrain from major purchases.

Step #8: Make an Offer!

Erica Kohler will guide you in making a strong, competitive offer so you come out on top.
  • price and terms.
  • amount of down payment
  • earnest money
  • escrow timeframe
  • possession after closing
  • relationship with the sellers' agent negotiating a win-win for both parties has the highest potential for success

Step #9: Acceptance!

  • Schedule a professional home inspection.
  • Erica will manage the offer process and work in concert with the sellers agent, your lender, and your title pany to breeze rough the process!
  • Review contingencies to ensure contract terms are met.
  • Draft and execute any necessary addendums.

Step #10: What's Next?

  • Lender's appraisal
  • Title search is completed
  • Mortgage is approved
  • Bank issues Clear to Close!

Step #11: Schedule Move

  • Contact movers.
  • Transfer utilities into your name.
  • Initiate outside services such as cable and internet.

Step #12: Closing Day

  • Schedule final walk through.
  • Review cash needed to close with loan officer.
  • Wire funds to the title company.
  • Attend closing.
  • Title company files deed and sends you the executed original post closing.
  • Receive contact information for home owners association (HOA), if applicable.
  • Get keys and celebrate your success!

Step #13: Post Closing

  • Go to city offices and file the transfer affidavit and homestead paperwork.
  • Change address with Post Office.
  • Send out announcements to your friends and family with your new address.
  • Housewarming party!!

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