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The Selling Process


seamless and stress free transaction

The process of selling a home might feel overwhelming. With the right professional guidance, my clients experience a seamless and stress free transaction.

A good agent will guide you through every step of the selling process, from determining a fair asking price to negotiating offers. They'll also:

  • Help you stage your home

  • Market it effectively to potential buyers

  • Handle all the paperwork involved in the transaction.


ensure that your home sells

By working with a real estate agent, you can tap into their expertise, knowledge, and network to ensure that your home sells for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Ultimately, having a good real estate agent by your side can make all the difference in achieving a successful home sale.

A Diagram of the Selling Process

Step #1: Hire Erica Kohler

  • Local market expert
  • Professional negotiator
  • Contract knowledge
  • Luxury service with hands-on attention to detail
  • Honest Guidance. Superior Results.

Erica knows when you list your home, you're looking for a quick, high value, efficient sale. Her expert marketing and
professional guidance facilitates you achieving your goals.

The success of her business is rooted in the strong relationships with our extensive client network, cooperating brokerages and our affiliate and referral partnerships that we built throughout the years.

Step #2: Plan for Sale of Home

  • Familiarize Erica with the updates  and unique selling points that impact the value of your home.
  • Clean, declutter, and stage your home for maximum desirability to buyers.
  • Strategize with Erica for ideal timing, listing price, marketing approach and prepping your home for buyers.

Step #3: Create the Correct Expectations

  • Prepare a market analysis and recommend repairs, updates, stagers, cleaners, photographers & videographers.
  • Sign all listing paperwork and fill out disclosure documents.
  • Determine proper pricing.

Step #4: Prepare for Showings and Open Houses!

  • Erica Kohler includes professional listing photos as part of her listing package.
  • Remove or secure important and personal items.
  • The first showing happens online with the listing photos. This is perhaps the most important all action-items during the prep stages!
  • A National Association of REALTORS® survey found that 83% of buyers considered listing pictures "very useful" in their home search. Many buyers will decide to tour a home based on the photos in the listing.

A buyer's perception of a home's value hinges on several factors:

Step #5: Actively Market Your Home

  • Being flexible and allowing easy access to your home maximizes the number of showings and offers.
  • Licensed real estate agents screen potential buyers by verifying pre-approval before scheduling showings.
  • Clean, clean, and clean some more! Make the beds, put the dishes away, turn on lights... let's showcase your beautiful home!
  • Review and discuss feedback from buyers' agents and make adjustments as necessary.

Step #6: Field and Negotiate Offers

  • Erica will present all offers, advise you on counteroffers and guide you through the back and forth negotiation process.
  • Several factors we consider besides price are financing, closing dates, inspections, etc.
  • Accept the best offer! More often than not, the first offer ends up being the best offer a listing receives over its lifespan.

Step #7: Partner with Erica Kohler

After an accepted offer, the buyer will (generally) have an inspection. Based on those results:

  • Typically buyers include an inspection contingency with their offer.
  • The purchaser may request inspection repairs/price credits based on inspection findings.
  • My job is to minimize the impact to you of those asks.

Step #8: Appraisal & Title Work

  • An appraisal is required if the buyer is using financing.
  • The title company is completing all research and paperwork to provide free and clear title for the buyer.
  • Erica's role is to monitor all these steps to provide you peace of mind so you can focus on your actual move.

Step #9: Moving To-Dos

  • Contact movers. Set them up as early as possible as they get booked weeks in advance.
  • Complete USPS mail forwarding to your new address.
  • Send new address announcements to your friends and family.

Step #10: Contact Utilities

  • Contact utility companies to start service at your new address and TRANSFER utilities old residence out of your name.
  • Transfer utilities at least 1 calendar day after your closing date. This gives the new buyer a grace period in setting up their new services.

Step #11: Closing Day!

  • Leave extra door keys and items like garage door openers at the home for the buyer.
  • As a kindness, leave any appliance manuals, vendor and contractor lists, restaurant lists, or neighborhood information in an easily found place.
  • Bring photo ID with you to closing.
  • Review and sign documents to transfer title to the new owner.
  • Congratulations!

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